Replica 2.0: workshop on smoking machine at UNPAD (Indonesia)

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The Indonesian partners of the Replica 2.0 project organized a workshop on smoking machine for cell culture at UNPAD of the Padjadjaran University from June 22th to 23th 

Training activities are an essential part of the Replica 2.0 project development: the aim is to create a network of experts and researchers with high-profile technical skills.

The  Padjadjaran University  (Indonesia) is one of the partners of Replica 2.0 and it is planning a series of workshops with the aim of  facilitating  the enhancement of the competencies of students, lecturers, researchers, and laboratory technicians (PLP) in the field of science and molecular biology.

The Central Laboratory of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) hosted today a workshop on smoking machine for cell culture studies. The seminar “Understanding Role of Electronic Cigarette and Conventional Cigarette on Human Lung Cell Culture” is conduced by Dr. Ronny Lesmana, Professor of Fiosiology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Padjadjaran and member of the Replica project.

The workshop was introduced by Prof. Riccardo Polosa, CoEHAR Founder. Trainers of the event was: Dr. Rosalia Emma, Assistant Professor at CoEHAR, Dr. Ronny Lesmana and Dr. Melisa Intan Barliana.

Dr. Ronny Lesmana presented findings on “Application of Bubbling Medium Invitro Study and Combination With In Cell Western Techniques”.

Dr. Rosalia Emma, Assistant Professor at CoEHAR and expert on LM1 and LM4 exposure systems: “The presentation covered the standard requirements and equipment for the smoking laboratory, and the pros and cons of different in vitro exposure models providing the published articles by Replica Project as examples“.

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