Replica 2.0 on site training in Serbia

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In early May, Dr. Rosalia Emma and Dr. Konstantinos Partsinevelos completed a four-day site visit at the University of Kragujevac, Serbia, as part of the training sessions of the Replica 2.0  project  

One of the main goal of the Replica 2.0 project is to create an international network of laboratories that will conduct independent review of scientific studies in the field of harm reduction. As part of the training program, two of the experts of the Replica team flew to the University of Kragujevac, Serbia.

Aim of the trip was to conduct further technical training of the partners on biological endpoints and dissemination of Tobacco Harm Reduction mission and research.

During the four-day mission to the Serbian labs, Dr. Emma and Dr. Partsinevelos performed several lab tests working together with the University team.

On Tuesday May 9th,  a scientific meeting dedicated to the “Effects of combustible cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems on the pathogenesis of inflamamtory diseases” was organized by Professor Volarevic with the students and researchers of the University of Kragujevac.

Dr. Rosalia Emma, assistant professor at CoEHAR, attended the conference at the Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Kragujevac.

During the event, Dr. Konstantinos Partsinevelos presented findings on “Genotoxicity induced by cigarette smoke and modified risk products”.

Dr. Rosalia Emma  in her presentation talked about the issues about “Regulatory and Scientific Dimensions of Flavours used in Safer Nicotine Products (SNP)”.

Prof. Vladislav Volarevic, PI of the Replica Project for the University of Kragujevac, gave a talk on “the Delineation of signaling pathways responsible for detrimental effects of combustible cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems on immune cells“.

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