Replica 2.0: exchange training seminar at the Temple University

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The CoPI of the Replica 2.0 project, prof. Massimo Caruso, held a seminar at the prestigious Temple University as part of the exchange training and education program of the project

The Replica 2.0 project inaugurated the second phase of its activity early this year, by hosting an harmonization meeting in Catania with researchers from 5 different countries.

As part of the exchange training and education program of the project, the Replica researchers will conduct a series of seminar to present and coordinated the work with the partners.

Prof. Antonio Giordano

On May 2, prof. Massimo Caruso, CoPI of the Replica project, held a seminar at the Temple University, Sbarro Institute, titled “The “REPLICA” project: addressing the replication crisis in tobacco harm reduction studies“.

The meeting was coordinated by Antonio Giordano, partner of the Replica project and President & Founder of the Sbarro Health Research Organization, Director and Professor of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and Center for Biotechnology at Temple University.

The event at the Temple University

The seminar was attended by a large audience of researches and students: prof. Massimo Caruso illustrated the CoEHAR activity and the research program of Replica 2.0. Focus of the presentation was to present the work behind the replication studies and the protocol of the harmonization meeting and on-site visits of the Replica partners.

The same program have been activated with the other partners in Indonesia and Serbia.

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