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Today marks the start of the Replica 2.0 Annual International Meeting, which brings together the international partners of the project for an intense training week 

The Replica project aim is to replicate and validate the results from well-known international studies in the field of tobacco harm reduction.

The project can count on the collaboration with renowned international research centers: Universitas Padjadjaran (Indonesia); the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Kragujevac (Serbia) and the Temple University-SHRO (USA).

Every year, the members of the Replica team fly to Catania, at the CoEHAR center, to discuss lessons learned, harmonize Standard Operation Procedures for phase 2 and continue the laboratory training emphasizing critical steps for harmonization. 

We would like to thank all the partners for accepting to continue this important partnership with the new edition of the Replica Project” stated Prof. Giovanni Li Volti, recently reconfirmed CoEHAR Director “ The goal for this new session of experiments is to replicate published scientific works dealing with the impact of cigarette smoke and RRP on the progression of cancer and in particular to molecular mechanisms of chemoresistance. In particular, the result of such studies will make also the difference in terms of harm reduction strategies for a particular vulnerable population of patients and improve the quality of their life in terms of life expectancy and adverse reactions to chemotherapy”.

Like every year, we have the pleasure of hosting our partners for an intense week of work and discussion on the research that we are preparing to begin in 2024– so Prof. Massimo Caruso, Co-project leader of Replica-The impact of our network in the scientific world is growing year by year, as well as the weight of our results in the regulation of alternative products to cigarette smoking in the THR”.

Present in Catania, the following researchers: Vladislav Volarevic, Nikolina Kastrovic; Bodgan Spasic (Serbia); Hanna Goenawan, Ronny Lesmana, Prof Rizky Abdulah, Xylia,Melisa I. Barliana (Indonesia); Ang Sun and Antonio Giordano (USA). 

This year, on Friday and 29th March, CoEHAR will host the ceremony for the Talent Research Award.


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