Usa, Serbia, Morocco and Indonesia: Catania, world capital of Harm Reduction

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Catania, 27 February, 2023 – “Harm reduction is an evidence-based approach that can help smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit smoking”, so Prof. Riccardo Polosa, founder of CoEHAR, who inaugurated this morning the second phase of the Replica 2.0 research project which counts on the international collaboration of 5 different countries. “Catania is therefore once again the world capital of anti-smoking research thanks to the research activities launched by CoEHAR”.

From today 27th February until the 3rd March, eight researchers from 4 academic partners of the Replica project will be guests of the CoEHAR at the University of Catania to discuss research work and methodologies and to prepare the start of the activities. In the laboratories of the  Biological Tower “F. Latteri”, scientists from Indonesia, United States, Serbia and Morocco will have the opportunity to work with the most innovative research equipment in the world, establishing methods and standards operating procedures that will be shared with the international scientific community.

No science is a perfect science”, commented prof. Giovanni Li Volti introducing the inaugural day of an intense week of work on replicability, one of the most important factors when talking about science quality and transparency. “If a study is replicable, it means that it has been performed according to high standard procedures and its results can be considered valid and effective. Replica researchers will replicate world’s largest studies conducted on e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. Early results showed, without any doubt, that these products represent a valid solution for reducing tobacco-related harm” – said Li Volti.

To welcome scientists in the Aula Magna of the Biological Tower: prof. Giovanni Li Volti, CoEHAR Director; prof. Riccardo Polosa, CoEHAR Founder; the Rector Delegates, prof. Lucia Zappalà and prof. Salvo Baglio; Prof. Maria Angela Sortino, Director of the Biometec Department and Prof. Giovanna Russo, deputy director of the Medclin Department. Several Medicine and Psychology students from the Catania University were present at the event.

Great enthusiasm from all the scientists who took part in the event, who showed a very open attitude towards the activities of Replica and with great ideas to develop further and important scientific projects.

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